UCLA Women and Youth Supporting Each other

Founded at UCLA in 1992 with a mission to provide the resources and support necessary to empower young women to make confident and informed life decisions and community change, Women and Youth Supporting Each Other (WYSE) now has 11 branches at universities across the country. As a program created by women and for women, WYSE’s structure and content facilitate a unique space for mentees to grow and develop in ways not offered through their traditional schooling.

WYSE at UCLA includes over forty mentors across Mark Twain Middle School and Francisco Sepulveda Middle School, serving about forty mentees total. At each middle school site, one-on-one mentee-mentor pairs are made, which last the duration of the school year, creating long-lasting bonds of trust, respect, and friendship. While our program is curriculum-based, covering topics including mental health, puberty, feminism, and identity, mentors also teach from personal experience and through our several field trips throughout the year.

WYSE is a unique and special organization centered around female empowerment. Together, we learn, teach, grow and have tons of fun!